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David and Tracy Bell 

CEO and President, SIA Insurance

What Happens After The Pandemic?

In our community, we are noticing many businesses that are having difficulty keeping enough staff to support the gradual economic recovery.  Some of the restaurants are altering their hours because they don’t have enough workers which means that they are forced to pay overtime and this erodes their profit margins during this critical “jump-start” as we emerge from the restrictions and quarantines.  Clearly, it’s not just restaurants.  

We recognize that the pandemic will impact our clients and partners forever.   While the risk of infection is diminishing due to vaccinations, many of the work-flows in the service sector have been forever changed.   Employers will need to carefully navigate through the “new normal”.    Without a doubt, flexibility is imperative.   Also, technology will continue to play an important role by allowing collaboration without the necessity of face-to-face meetings.  

While technology is the tool, the most important asset of businesses will continue to be the human element.  Competition for dependable and experienced workers will require a renewed focus on recruiting and employee retention strategies.   As stimulus to employers and direct payments to employees run out, business growth will only be limited by the employee-supported service capacity. 

Our strategy at Syndicated Resource Group, will be to offer products and services to employers which augment their ability to remain flexible and allow growth supported by a reliable workforce. 

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