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Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

First and foremost, we want our employees, our clients, and our valued partners to remain safe.   While the risk of infection remains low, we want to be diligent in our planning and preparation. 

We have initiated our plan for business continuity so that we can continue to deliver the services that you expect without interruption.   We have systems in place to allow our employees to work from home.   Our carriers and service vendors are also fully accessible through phone, conferencing, video chats and data access provided through web-based portals.   All business travel has been suspended.  

We are monitoring developments closely, including following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and other government entities.  We will share information as we have it from the insurance carriers and service vendors.   We are expecting that many service providers will be releasing new guidelines for various workflows including relaxed reporting and payment requirements.  It will be important to continue business as usual until new guidelines are formally published. 

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