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David and Tracy Bell,

CEO and President SIA 

While the global pandemic impacts everyone, there are countless opportunities to find peace.


Like many of you, we are watching business revenues plummet because we have a substantial presence in California and a great number of clients who are in the restaurant industry.


The personal routines of everyone have been interrupted.  (In our house, not being able to socialize is a big deal.)

How to Find Peace During a Global Crisis

So how do we find peace as the world around us seems to crumble?


What if we changed our focus onto more positive things?


Here’s an exercise we thought of that you may want to try, too. Once we took steps to do this, we felt more centered and peaceful.

Quite simply, list out the ways you have been blessed.


Here are our top five blessings, not in any particular order. 


Relationships: Our business fosters relationships with clients and partners who often become friends. Our marriage, kids, and friends also bring us great happiness.

Bottom line: Life is not about accomplishments because relationships are more important than anything else.


Business: Our insurance business will always be necessary because it provides a financial backbone for businesses of any size.​

Bottom line: It is great to help clients manage through a challenging process, especially in moments of crisis.


Adventures: Over the years, we’ve traveled all over the country and seen many things others will never see.


Bottom line: Life has given us wonderful experiences that many dream about doing.


Faith: Despite my flaws or any bad choices, we know we are forgiven and that we were created for a purpose.


Bottom line: We both have a personal relationship with our Creator and know we will always have something to look forward to even after our life on earth ends.


Reality: Today’s crisis is just a blip on the radar. While we may endure some scars, there will be life on the other side of today’s reality.


Bottom line: This current situation will pass, and the new reality will ultimately lead to opportunity.

We know we could list 100 more ways that we are blessed. 


While it would be easy to focus on how bad things are, we choose to stay positive and remember the great pleasures and blessings we’ve experienced in life.


We are all fighting a similar battle of the mind during the trying times.


Know that your friends at Syndicated are here for you before, during, and after the COVID-19 crisis.


What will you focus on today while we wait for the tide to turn? 

David and Tracy Bell, CEO and President SIA
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